We’re well known as an industry leader in providing services and solutions that automate the creation of accessible documents in any format. We believe in “inclusion by design” – that all customer communications should be made available, and that providing these documents should be considered a normal part of doing business. Not only does this approach ensure equal treatment for all, but it supports the integration of document accessibility into standard business processes for storing, managing and outputting your internal and external communications.

Although being in compliance with global regulations is the primary driver for many organizations to deliver accessible documents, a more compelling motive is that it’s the right thing to do. When we consider how normal and accepted it is that barriers have been reduced or eliminated for people with physical handicaps so they can work and live independently, it seems wrong that barriers are still in place for the 15%-20% of the population who have some sort of print-related disability.

As a provider of a broad range of document accessibility services and products, we benefit from a team of dedicated and experienced experts who work closely with our customers and partners to help them develop and implement an effective document accessibility strategy. We offer free webinars on a regular basis to provide informative and up-to-date guidance on all sorts of document accessibility related topics and challenges.

So we are very pleased to be co-sponsoring a new LinkedIn group called Document Accessibility Now. The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for discussions on best practices for making all documents accessible. We’ll offer tips, industry updates, and announcements of webinars and events, and hope that group members actively participate in discussions and sharing of information.