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Important information and answers related to questions about services and supported accessibility regulations/standards. External inks to accessibility resources.

How do you remediate our submitted PDF files? uses Auto Tagger for Accessibility – a ground-breaking, in-house developed technology that automatically tags PDF files in real-time. Capable of tagging hundreds or thousands of pages per second, is the fastest and most economical way to create accessible document formats that meet worldwide accessibility regulations. To perform manual quality control tasks, AccessibilityNow remediation specialists use cutting edge tools such as CommonLook Global Access by NetCentric to establish proper read order, insert alt-text for images, etc.
What standards do you apply to the remediated documents?
When you submit an order, you may choose to generate Accessible PDF formatted files that conform to WCAG 2.0 Level AA recommendations, or Accessible PDF/UA formatted output. The end product will look exactly like the original product looks. However, it will be usable by people with a wide range of disabilities. By speaking with one of our accessibility specialists before placing your order, we can also accommodate any request to adhere to specific organizational accessibility standards if the need exists.
How is the cost determined – Price Breakdown?
We provide you with a detailed quote immediately upon receiving your uploaded files, after you select any additional services that we will provide. Pricing is quoted on a per page basis. Prices vary according to the volume of pages and files that you upload and the services you select. We have no minimum price per project, which is a prevalent practice in the industry. What you upload is what you will be quoted on, whether your document contains one page or 1,000 pages. If you need to convert 1,000’s of pages or 100’s of files, contact us directly from the site to speak with our accessibility professionals about a customized quotation.
How much can we expect to pay for any given project?
AccessibilityNow charges start at $5 USD per PDF page (depending on the volume). You can choose to add alt-text for images or perform manual QC yourself, or you can select AccessibilityNow’s manual QC services starting at $2.50 USD per page (depending on volume).
What are my payment options?
We accept a number of payment options, including credit cards, certified checks, PayPal, money orders and bank transfers.
How do I start the AccessibilityNow process?
  1. Upload the PDF files that you want to remediate.
  2. Select any additional AccessibilityNow services – manual QC or expedited handling.
  3. Review the price quotation.
  4. Provide your user details and payment method.
  5. Submit your order and download the completed Accessible files.
Why would I not just fix my PDF documents internally?
  1. Manual remediation of documents into accessible formats that meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA recommendations is time-consuming and costly. It also requires specialists that are trained in accessibility best practices, both tagging and manual QC, which may take months to master. Initially, a newly trained accessibility specialist may require 1 – 4 hours to fix any given page. Veteran professional remediation consultants can, on average, remediate/fix 3 – 4 pages per hour. Most established manual remediation businesses estimate that manual remediation costs approximately $60 USD per hour. Since automatically tags PDF files in real-time at speeds up to hundreds or thousands of pages per second, it provides the fastest and most economical method to create accessible documents.
What types of documents can be converted into accessible PDF?
Correspondence, letters, notifications, marketing brochures, whitepapers, newsletters, plan summaries, hospital discharge instructions, fund fact sheets, investment summaries, municipal documents and reports, annual reports, etc. are all typical document types that can be converted into accessible formats by The Section 508 ICT refresh regulations requires that PDF documents that are downloadable/viewable from websites must be made accessible.
Where can I find out more about accessibility regulations?
The US government provides many helpful resources describing the requirements of current accessibility regulations and advice on best practices. Industry associations are also great resources. Follow any of the links below to connect with relevant information: